Quarter 1

Review: Scientific Method

Lab Safety Notes

Mystery Tubes

Scientific Method Notes

Part 2

General Science Vocab

Unit 1: Atomic Theory

Atom Basics Notes

Unit 1 Vocab

"Getting Atom" Reading & Notes

Dalton's Atomic Theory Notes

Law of Definite Composition Lab

Article "Birth of Modern Science"

Scientists Flip Book, part 1

Thomson's Contributions to Atomic Theory Notes

Rutherford's Atomic Theory Notes

Rolling Marbles with Rutherford Lab

Bohr's Atomic Theory Notes

Lab Burner Safety & Usage Notes

Flame Test Lab

Electron Cloud Model Notes

"Chadwick Discovers the Neutron" Reading & Notes

Atomic Theory Comic Strip Assignment

Modeling the Location of an Electron Lab

Scientists Flip Book, part 3

Structure of an Atom Notes

Build an Atom Simulation

Drawing Bohr Diagrams Notes & Practice

Lewis Dot Structures

Bohr Diagram & Lewis Dot Structures Assignment

Atomic Theory Unit Review

Atomic Theory Unit Test

Quarter 2

Chemical Bonding
Chemical Reactions
Unit 5: Nuclear Chemistry

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